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A new dioecious genus of Laboulbeniaceae (Laboulbeniales), Corylophomyces, was established to accommodate five species parasitizing Corylophidae (Coleoptera; Cucujoidea): C. peyerimhoffii (≡Cryptandromyces peyerimhoffit); C. sericoderi (≡Autophagomyces sericoderi); C. sarawakensis (≡A. sarawakensis); and two new species, C. reflexus and C. weirii. A key to the taxa was given and all were illustrated with line drawings. Corylophomyces was placed in Amorphomycetinae sensu Tavares. The other genera included in this subtribe by Tavares in 1985, i.e., Amorphomyces, Dioicomyces, Nanomyces, Rhizopodomyces, and Tetrandromyces, were compared with one another and with the new genus.

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