Approaching Leadership with a Follower Focus

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Drucker School of Management (CGU), Behavioral and Organizational Sciences (CGU)

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Leadership Studies


This introduction provides an overview of the special issue of Zeitschrift für Psychologie on “Followercentric Approaches to Leadership.” The purposes of the special issue were to highlight new research on followers’ needs, motivations, and attributions as critical aspects of the leadership relationship. In addition, we hope to have brought together a set of papers that represent new potential directions in research that stem from the examination of followers and followership. Many of the empirical findings and theoretical contributions in this special issue suggest that, just as not all leaders are the same, followers vary (sometimes dramatically) in their needs for certain types of leaders and leadership. In addition, followers differ in their susceptibility and responsiveness to certain types of leadership (e.g., adverse, charismatic, transformational, directive vs. supportive).

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