More than Meets the Eye: the Videos of Tran T. Kim-Trang

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Media Studies (Pitzer), Art (Scripps)

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Digital Humanities | Film and Media Studies


More Than Meets the Eye: The Videos of Tran T. Kim-Trang is the first collection of critical essays to reflect on the extensive body of video-based work created across a span of 15 years by internationally recognized media artist Tran T. Kim-Trang. These dense and compelling visual works illustrate the productive potential of video as a critical form that can express ideas, craft arguments, provoke debate and question received wisdom. They also reflect a set of formal investigations as the artist exploits the medium’s capacity to meld photographic imagery, graphics, voice-over, music, sound effects, text and typography in order to craft often complex explorations of both the form and a set of critical reflections.

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© 2016 Jesse Lerner, Trang Tran, and Holly Willis