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George Engelmann's concept of Y. schottii as a plant with short, stiff, yellow-green leaves has not been accepted by recent authors who apply the name to plants of southern Arizona with broad, flexible blue-green leaves. Interspecific hybrids among three yuccas present in the area, Y. baccata, Y. elata, and the wide, blue-green leafed plant are common. We believe that Arthur Schott’s collections made in 1853 upon which Engelmann based his description are of hybrid origin. We accept Engelmann's designation as the earliest applicable binomial but accord it a change in status as Y. Xschottii Engelmann pro. sp. and apply it as a collective epithet to include all hybrids among the three species. We designate Schott's unnumbered gathering in the Torrey Herbarium (NY) as lectotype. We consider that Y. schottii of authors is conspecific with Y. madrensis Gentry of Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico.

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