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A revision of Autophagomyces (Laboulbeniales) was made based on a comparative morphological study of new collections and 16 species included in the genus by Thaxter in the final volume of his monograph published in 1931 and by others more recently. The concept of Autophagomyces (species on Anthicidae, Phalacridae, and Scapidiidae [Coleoptera]) was narrowed and comprises 12 species, four of them new, i.e., A. hammondii, A. mexicanus, A. protuberans, and A. ramosus. The genus Bordea (species on Pselaphinae, Staphylinidae [Coleopteraj), which had been included in Autophagomyces by Thaxter, was reinstated and comprises 14 species, seven new, i.e., B. allenii, B. gigantea, B. neocoronata, B. retroflexa, B. spiniger, B. thaxteri, and B. weirii, and six new combinations, i.e., B. bryaxalis, B. castellinii, B. formosana, B. platensis, B. strangulata, and B. tiwaiensis. Bordea formosana had earlier been incorrectly placed in the genus Porophoromyces. A new genus, Rossiomyces, was described based on Autophagomyces falcatus. Keys to the species were given, and all species were described and illustrated with line drawings.

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