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A revised taxonomy for the genus Eriastrum is presented, including type information, synonymy, descriptions, and keys for identification. The nomenclature of Hugelia lanata, Gilia floccosa, and Gilia virgata var. yageri is clarified. Additionally, issues pertaining to August Brand’s, Thomas Nuttall’s, and Asa Gray’s names in Eriastrum are reviewed. An illustrated glossary of important descriptive terms is provided, along with photographs and illustrations of taxa and features. Lectotypes are proposed for 14 taxa. There is further discussion about the nomenclature and type localities for each taxon, comparison of circumscriptions from previous authors, and some field observations. Discussion of identifying characteristics, geographic range, habitat, demographics, threats, conservation, and etymology is included for each taxon. A listing of unpublished herbarium names is also supplied, with the corresponding currently accepted names. One new combination, Eriastrum densifolium subsp. patens, is presented. Five new subspecies, Eriastrum diffusum subsp. coachellae, Eriastrum diffusum subsp. utahense, Eriastrum eremicum subsp. markianum, Eriastrum pluriflorum subsp. albifaux, and Eriastrum sapphirinum subsp. brevibracteatum, and one new species, Eriastrum calocyanum, are described and illustrated. As treated here, Eriastrum includes 18 species and 14 subspecies, for a total of 32 taxa.

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Exsiccatae for Tomus Nominum Eriastri, by Sarah J. De Groot

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