Date of Award

Summer 2019

Degree Type

Restricted to Claremont Colleges Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Teacher Education Internship Program (MA/Credential)


School of Educational Studies


My experience in the teacher education program at Claremont Graduate University has been eye opening and display of true growth for myself as an educator. Part A provides a description of my personal background and motivations for becoming a teacher. Provided, is an explanation behind my current teaching pedagogy. In addition, Part B introduces my three focus students. This year, I selected a student with a traumatic life experience, an English Learner, and a student with an Individual Education Plan. Getting to know these students’ academic profiles and personal lives, I have formulated individualized action plans based on personal goals. Part C dives into my student teaching experience at Canyon Hills Junior High. This section offers an analysis of the community, the school, and a microanalysis of my own classroom. In reflection of all that I have learned and grown this past year, Part D provides a self-analysis of teacher effectiveness and areas in which there is room to continue to grow.