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Summer 2019

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Open Access Master's Thesis

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Education, MA


School of Educational Studies

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Keisha Goosby

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Katherine Cooke

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Aria Crawford

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Davon Davaloz

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This Ethnographic Narrative is a research based look into the lives of socially disadvantaged students in a low-income area. It breaks down the assets and needs of each student individually and discusses how to better help them academically and socially based on their individual personalities and needs. The narrative also discusses the community in which these individual students live and attend school, it looks at research on the community to determine how each student is affected by the city that they live in. Finally the narrative concludes by looking at the teacher over the course of this past year and how this teacher developed in their profession and developed with each individual student. After extensive research and hands on experiences, my findings have pointed me in one direction: the more that a teacher gets to know their students outside of their academic skills, the more a teacher is going to be able to work with and mold their students. If students feel appreciated and respected, then they are willing to complete their work with ease. Teachers will have wonderful years in this profession when they truly know the students that they are working with.


Teacher Education, English, Masters in Education, First year teacher, Claremont Graduate University