Date of Award

Spring 2019

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Restricted to Claremont Colleges Master's Thesis

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Education, MA


School of Educational Studies

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Andre ChenFeng

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© 2019 Katrina L Boggus


Through my experiences interning as a first-year teacher of underprivileged students, I have learned that being an educator is more than a career, it is a lifestyle. It is not a job title, but an identity we inhabit. This year my role as an educator consumed every part of me; mind, body, and soul. It pushed me to analyze my identity, critique my privilege, study learning theories, implement various pedagogies, evaluate meaningful content and research contextual situations. Through this process of self-discovery and research, I have determined my educational philosophy to be: children are born with greatness and have unique experiences that can be crafted into excellence through emancipatory environments that are mentally, physically, and socially inclusive.