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congress, house election districts, California election districts

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Election Law | State and Local Government Law


We now find ourselves at the end of the first redistricting following the so called "Reapportionment Revolution." There is, however, considerable disagreement defining its scope and the wisdom of its continuation. This paper reviews the effects of this revolution on this state. It outlines the development of the Court's involvement in redistricting and discusses the virtues of the Court's resistance of further involvement in this difficult question.

California's congressional redistricting history is reviewed from statehood to the present. Special attention is given to 1965, 1971, and 1973. The role of the computer is reviewed, both as an academic and political tool. Finally, the role of the Court Masters is discussed, along with an evaluation of their plan. Political fairness is discussed, both with regard to objective formulae and the fairness of the Masters' Plan.

As the title suggests, this paper is a detailed history. It is not a discussion of the gerrymander. It is hoped that the reader will gain a solid understanding of redistricting effect on our congressional representation, and will be better prepared to evaluate future rhetoric and actions in this field. It is his vote, in actuality, which is on the line.