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Summer 2020

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Education, MA


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Eddie Partida

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Claudia Bermudez

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Within this ethnographic narrative, the works of several theorists who discuss the importance of Critical Social Justice and its effect on students within the classroom will be discussed and put to practice. Beginning May 2019 and carrying through July of 2020, I held these theories closely as they helped pave the way of my first year as a teacher of record, and have since shaped me into the woman I recognize myself as today. Within this document, you will read about the expectations I held myself subject to before going into the classroom, case studies of three students whom I had the honor of working alongside, and a final reflection of how I developed over the course of this year. This experience has been pivotal, and I can confidently say that I have acquired the implications Critical Social Justice transpires, as it caters to the well-being and positive learning experience every student deserves.