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Fall 2020

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Open Access Dissertation

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Education, PhD


School of Educational Studies

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Eligio Martinez

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Linda Perkins

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Thomas Luschei

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academic experience, accommodations, Disability Services, graduate students, identity, intersectionality

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Higher Education


This qualitative research study explored current graduate students with disabilities personal and academic experiences. The three theoretical frameworks utilized were Disability Studies in Education (DSE), intersectionality and Disability Critical Race Theory (DisCrit) to connect how race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability identities impact graduate students with disabilities experiences. This dissertation study had a total of four research questions to explore the impact of graduate students with disabilities higher education experiences. This research study was conducted at three different California higher education institutions: two private universities and one public university. There was a total of twenty graduate student participants interviewed that were registered with their institution’s Disability Resource Center. 55% of the interview participants identified as students of color. The findings indicated how intersectionality impacted their graduate school experience by creating barriers and unique challenges as graduate students with disabilities. Based off the analysis, there are a total of seven implications for practice to recommend for higher education institutions to support graduate students with disabilities.