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Fall 2020

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Restricted to Claremont Colleges Dissertation

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Philosophy, PhD


Center for Information Systems and Technology

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Lorne Olfman

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Terry Ryan

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Wallace Chipidza

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Olayan Alharbi

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Globalization has led to a paradigm shift in the contemporary business environment characterized by increasing competition and a never-ending challenge to recruit and retain efficient personnel who can contribute collectively toward the achievement of organizational goals. Effectiveness, in this context, lies in the appropriate management of employees so they continue to excel and remain involved in their job roles to offer superior performance to the organization and to increase their commitment to their job roles. Researchers identified a number of factors associated with employee recognition such as employee motivation, job satisfaction, intention to remain employed in the organization, a positive approach toward the work, and increased commitment and engagement. A review of the literature not only suggests various methods of employee recognition and their impact on performance in the contemporary work environment; and that businesses need to develop newer recognition techniques that are superior to conventional employee-recognition approaches. In this context, peer-to-peer recognition has evolved as one of the most effective contemporary approaches. Therefore, this study adopts a design science research approach to develop and evaluate the efficacy of an artifact through which businesses can facilitate peer-to-peer recognition to ensure employees will be engaged on a daily basis. The research will be conducted with a sample of up to 100 employees and up to 20 managers to help define the performance of the application in an organizational context, aiming to improve and promote superior employee motivation.