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Living Your Truth Empowered, Community needs, Charter leaders

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Health Services Administration | Public Health


This study aimed to develop policies and procedures needed for the operationalization of LYTE's charters. Employing a dual-methodology approach in document review and qualitative study, the study addressed two main objectives. The first is through document review and analysis of successful charters and nonprofit organizations in the US. With the insights gained from document analysis, drafts of policies required for LYTE’s charters operationalization were developed. The second is through interviews with organizational leaders and stakeholders such as breast cancer survivors and advocates. This provided perspectives and thematic insights crucial for tailoring policies specific to LYTE’s charters. The resulting deliverables include charter bylaws, governance policies, affiliation agreements, and MOUs, whilst integrating best practices and stakeholder perspectives. These policies align with LYTE's mission of delivering community-based care for breast cancer survivors, facilitating the implementation of NBHWC-certified coaching programs. By incorporating diverse insights from multiple sources, this study represents a significant advancement in achieving LYTE's mission through effective charter operationalization.