Book Review: "Yet with a Steady Beat: Contemporary U.S. Afrocentric Biblical Interpretation" by Randall C. Bailey

Vincent L. Wimbush, Claremont Graduate University


Written at different times for different purposes and occasions, by African American scholars who are differently oriented and differently situated, eight essays have been collected and edited by biblical scholar Randall C. Bailey with a particular focus and purpose in mind. Such focus and purpose are not elaborated upon in the editor's slim introduction. Aside from the issue of the quality of the essays--of uneven quality, as is the case, as everyone knows, with almost all collected essays--what is at stake in this volume, and all volumes that are collections of essays by different authors, is framing and coherence. What commends the collection to us? What makes it of wide interest? What makes it compelling? These are the questions the editor needed to consider and communicate to the reader.