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This article challenges the concept and, by default, the continuum shown in Figure 1 and the range of military operations in the theater strategic environment (hereafter referred to as the RMO model), which it helps define. To do so, it will address the relationship between the OOTW concept and RMO model, the concept of war underlying AirLand Battle doctrine and OOTW as a flawed concept. It further argues that the RMO model should be replaced by not one, but two new politico-military models as a doctrinal bridge. It is not within this article's scope to attempt to create these models, which should reflect recognized differences in current Western and emerging non-Western approaches to warfare. Rather, its purpose is to call attention to a need for interim models to address AirLand Battle future concepts. For this to occur, however, long-held US political perceptions must change. As a result, the revolution in military affairs (RMA) concept must be broadened to include a political dimension.


Originally published in the Military Review

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