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We need this basic premise to be clear—that Mexico is facing something way beyond an organized crime threat. With this as the premise from which it starts, this congressional testimony will posit that the Mérida Initiative as it stands is too myopic in nature given the on-the-ground realities currently present in Mexico. These two contentions will herein be discussed in more detail and their merits supported by evidence from my own work and that of other area and subject specialists. Of necessity, therefore, the testimony will focus upon the broader security environment and the policy and strategic levels of analysis. It integrates writings that I have done previously, both on my own and in collaboration with my colleague John Sullivan and others on this topic. The analysis is divided into two sections addressing, first, the narco (criminal) threat and, then, governmental policies. Each section, in turn, is divided into two main themes.


This is a congressional testimonies/prepared statement.

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