Charting the Language of Leadership: A Methodological Investigation of President Bush and the Crisis of 9/11

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Behavioral and Organizational Sciences (CGU)

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Organization Development | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


In many ways, leadership is a phenomenon that is ideally suited for new and inventive research methods. For researchers who seek to reliably study and systematically compare linguistically based elements of the leadership relationship, computerized content analysis has the potential to supplement, extend, and qualify existing leadership theory and practice. Through an examination of President Bush's rhetoric and the media coverage before and after the crisis of 9/11. the authors explore how elements of the President's speeches changed in response to the post-crisis environment. Using this example, the authors illustrate the process of computerized content analysis and many of its strengths and limitations, with the hope of facilitating future leadership research that uses this approach to explore important contextual and symbolic elements of the leadership relationship.

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