Drucker on Marketing: An Interview with Peter Drucker

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Drucker School of Management (CGU)

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Business | Marketing


This interview was conducted long before the Special Issue was conceived. In November 2003, I visited the Drucker School to be interviewed as part of the recruitment process. Peter was giving his last public address and I was fortunate enough to hear him speak. Peter was old, 95 in fact. He arrived at the auditorium, sat on the stage in a large leather chair, ate a donut, drank a glass of water and, when finished, allowed the audience to enter the room. I did not really know what to expect and, to be honest, I was happy to simply soak up the moment. I have two distinct memories of the occasion: (1) when Peter recalled historical facts, it was likely he was talking about people he had met and events he had witnessed, not just read about--after all, he had lived almost 100 years.; and (2) Peter had a tremendous ability to tell a story, comprising many parts, and always pulling the threads of his argument together to deliver a powerful conclusion.

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