Jewish Students Today: Radical or Conservative?

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The use of stereotypes is a long established tradition among skillful demagogues and others who, for one reason or another, want to supply simple answers in complex situations. There probably have been more stereotypes generated about Jews than any other people. Among the better known are the greedy, scheming Shylock; the quiet, industrious scholar; the robust, omnipotent, Israeli sabra; the progressive social reformer and others. Recently, in the political heat generated by campus crises, various stereotypes have been used to describe college students ranging from "bums" to "liberated free spirits." At the same time some new images of the Jewish student have appeared, perhaps best labeled substereotypes, such as "dirty radicals," "revolutionaries." (Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman immediately come to mind as examples, although, in point of fact, neither is a Jewish student.)

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