Improving Examination Performance Using Exam Analysis

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Educational Studies (CGU)

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Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Medical Education | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


The Exam Analysis is a diagnostic and prescriptive program in which a student and an instructor identify why the student failed to answer specific questions correctly on an examination. Problems related to incorrect answers are then categorized into five problem areas. This analysis is used to develop a plan which will help the student utilize specific skills in order to improve examination performance. This article describes the Exam Analysis program, gives specific information which will enable an instructor to assist a student in completing an Exam Analysis, and discusses the results of a survey in which 105 nursing students evaluated the impact of participating in the program on subsequent examination performance. A large majority of the students surveyed agreed that participation in the Exam Analysis program resulted in improved examination performance. Improved exam-taking skills, better study skills, decreased test anxiety and increased self-confidence were identified as Exam Analysis program outcomes by the students included in the study.

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