Stressful Life Events among Adolescents in Wuhan, China: Associations with Smoking, Alcohol Use, and Depressive Symptoms

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Community and Global Health (CGU)

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Health Psychology | Mental and Social Health | Psychological Phenomena and Processes | Substance Abuse and Addiction


The associations among stress and adolescent smoking, alcohol use, and depression have been well documented in the United States, but few studies have evaluated the evidence for these associations in Asian cultures. This study developed a scale of stressful life events among 7th-grade adolescents in Wuhan, China. The events reported as most frequent involved bad grades or punishment at school, and the events reported as most severe involved disruptions in family life, such as death, divorce, or disability of parents. Associations were observed between life events (especially negative school-related events) and smoking, alcohol use, and depressive symptoms. Results indicate that school-related stress may lead to substance use and mental health problems among Chinese adolescents.

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