Comprehensive Community Program for Drug Abuse Prevention: Implications of the Community Health Programs for Future Research.

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Community and Global Health (CGU)

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Community Health | Mental and Social Health | Social Psychology | Substance Abuse and Addiction


Prevention of cigarette smoking and alcohol and drug abuse in whole populations through community action may now be achievable. There are reasons to be optimistic. First, unhealthy lifestyles consist of behaviors which are acquired early in life through example and social reinforcement, these unhealthy behaviors are maintained through periodic social reinforcement, environmental cues, and in some cases physiological reinforcement. Second, research in smoking prevention, which has considered the role of social psychological factors in promoting the onset of cigarette smoking, has repeatedly demonstrated that relatively short interventions can reduce the incidence of cigarette smoking in young adolescents by one half or more, and that these effects can have sustained action (Johnson 1982a; Evans 1982; Perry 1983). Recent research has demonstrated that the same approaches can be useful for preventing the onset of alcohol and marijuana use (McAlister et al. 1982; Johnson in press; Botvin, this volume).

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