Alice Marie Perreault, Claremont Graduate University


This installation consists of a dozen works of art in mixed and multi media. Materials include stainless, paper, plastic, wood, papier maché, wire, rubber, latex, baby teeth, acrylic paint, glass paint, oil paint, dyes, watercolor, light and video.

The space is divided much like the individual pieces of art in a symmetrical compartmentalized format. Spot lighting provides a vignette experience. Light from the video flickers in the far corner, but the screen is not visible from the entrance. Audio from the video is apparent.


I chose CRIBBED for the title of the show for its multiple meanings. It is also the title of the large sculptural piece suspended in the center of the space. It comes from the word crib, an object that marks an end and a beginning- a symbol for a shift in perception and understanding. The slang meaning behind the word crib has to do with stealing or having something taken. My work becomes replacements for this void.