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Fall 12-17-2011

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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David Amico

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Rachel Lachowicz

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Anne Bray

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My work cuts through the distractions and travesties of modern American life, revealing the nonsense that multinational corporations spew. Consumption as a way of life is now a familiar part of the global culture. Political and corporate icons have made their way into individual identity by means of branding, product placement and crossover promotion. They are ubiquitous, embedded in myriad experiences to attract, entertain and satisfy artificially stimulated appetites. Similar to placating drugs, they function like the bread and circuses of the Roman Empire.

My process breaks down elements and symbols from the past and present, remixing old and new to create another level of complexity. Media bombardment serves up a steady diet of mind-numbing hindrance. My work is a glitch in the system, a hiccup in the normal. With no formula or recipe to follow, I make work that provokes a memory or an engaging experience. I am attracted to absurdity, I don’t always go looking for it but I keep running into it. The ludicrous often finds its way into my work, creating a stop-the-clock moment. Viewer are caught in the crossfire where the humorous and serious subjects commingle and new thoughts are stimulated.

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