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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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David Amico

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Michael Reafsnyder

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Carmine Iannaccone

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I search in my paintings a state of constant glide; meditational state by flooding my senses as my eyes wander from scene to scene onto a daze of perpetual visual stimuli.

They are the frozen amalgamation of its transient state – A crosscut of fog condensing into honey. And the burning shadows of a golden hour vaporizing into electric haze. I try to keep the image in perpetual limbo, confused by their nature, wondering if they will be pickled in the vinegar of the web as digital ghosts or finally disintegrate from being a substance. I want to capture in paint, their transmutation from their digital sources, with all their meanings, colors and sensorial stimuli in order to create a chimera of logic and pleasure. The thick protuberances of hues intertwine like sweaty manifestations trying to escape from one another while living in islands of perpetual diffuseness of trompe l'oeil fiction. I feel the need to create an experience in which the painting realizes its material condition as the object that ages and syncs with us.

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