On Integral Well-Rounded Lattices in the Plane

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Mathematics (CMC)

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We investigate distribution of integral well-rounded lattices in the plane, parameterizing the set of their similarity classes by solutions of the family of Pell-type Diophantine equations of the form x 2+ Dy 2= z 2 where D>0 is squarefree. We apply this parameterization to the study of the greatest minimal norm and the highest signal-to-noise ratio on the set of such lattices with fixed determinant, also estimating cardinality of these sets (up to rotation and reflection) for each determinant value. This investigation extends previous work of the first author in the specific cases of integer and hexagonal lattices and is motivated by the importance of integral well-rounded lattices for discrete optimization problems. We briefly discuss an application of our results to planar lattice transmitter networks.


Please note that this article was originally published by Springer-Verlag in Discrete & Computational Geometry and therefore the final publication is available at http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00454-012-9432-6.

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