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The Kaczmarz method is an iterative method for solving large systems of equations that projects iterates orthogonally onto the solution space of each equation. In contrast to direct methods such as Gaussian elimination or QR-factorization, this algorithm is efficient for problems with sparse matrices, as they appear in constraint-based user interface (UI) layout specifications. However, the Kaczmarz method as described in the literature has its limitations: it considers only equality constraints and does not support soft constraints, which makes it inapplicable to the UI layout problem.

In this paper we extend the Kaczmarz method for solving specifications containing soft constraints, using the prioritized IIS detection algorithm. Furthermore, the performance and convergence of the proposed algorithms are evaluated empirically using randomly generated UI layout specifications of various sizes. The results show that these methods offer improvements in performance over standard methods like Matlab's LINPROG, a well-known efficient linear programming solver.

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