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This study looked at 7194 completed listing from eBay Motors. Each observation contained a make, model, year, mileage, seller feedback rating, selling price, time of day ended, day of the week auction ended, auction duration, number of bidders, and number of bids for a car that had been sold on eBay Motors between March 16th and April 5th. Using this information this study looked at how timing affected the selling price of each vehicle, while holding the other variables constant. The observations are split up into four different time periods of the day (times are in Pacific Standard Time): morning (3am-8:59pm), midday (9am-2:59pm), evening (3pm-8:59pm), and night (9pm-2:59am). The regression results show that the midday time period increases the selling price of the vehicle by an average of $1445.41 for this data set. This is likely because the demand and supply side of the eBay Motors market are most equivalent during this time period compared to the other time periods.