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Japan’s economic, political and societal recovery after World War II is arguably one of the most impressive recoveries of any nation after a war. This thesis refers to the works of scholars on Japanese constitutional studies, Japanese security studies, Japanese politics and Japanese education to identify the forces that helped generate the rise of Japan’s post war recovery national narrative. After Identifying the forces that gave rise to the anti-war Pacifist national narrative of Japan’s postwar recovery, this thesis highlights the role of Japan’s peace museums and memorials in helping to maintain and effectively communicate the nation’s postwar values of democracy and pacifism to future generations.

This thesis will then discuss the challenge for Japan’s Peace memorials and museums in an era where anti-war Pacifism is less relevant and may eventually cease to exist. The Japanese people and their Prime Ministers are still divided in embracing national memorials and museums of war to represent their nation. This makes it difficult for peace and war memorials and museums to play a much more significant role in the future of Japan’s national narrative.