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The auto industry produces a significant amount of air pollution the world over, and thereby contributes to climate change. As a major component within the auto industry, the motorcycle industry has a great responsibility to minimize its emissions. This study examines powered two wheelers (PTWs) in the European Union to assess the impact made by the motorcycle industry, and the potential for improvement. Reduction of air pollution would be possible by intensifying emissions regulations, which are much less stringent for PTWs than for light-duty vehicles such as passenger cars. However, a more comprehensive strategy to limit the motorcycle industry’s air pollution lies in the deployment of electric PTWs. The state of electric PTWs is not yet advanced enough to replace internal combustion motorcycles and mopeds, but they have achieved performance levels that demonstrates electric technology will soon make a significant impact on the motorcycle industry. Upon concluding that electric PTWs are viable and may soon become widely used, this study develops a framework to model the total air pollution created by the motorcycle industry, accounting for varying levels of electric PTW deployment.