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Sustainability is a growing concern in a world where climate change threatens to inflict massive environmental and human damage in the coming decades. As climate change becomes a global issue, researchers and professionals from many pursuits are beginning to rally around the cause of bringing about an economically and environmentally sustainable future. Computer science and the related fields of human-computer interaction and interaction design have both a moral obligation and profound opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability. In this thesis, I will examine the efforts of computer scientists and interaction designers in sustainability so far in order to form an understanding of what computer science has contributed to the effort of curbing damage to the environment to date. While the contributions of computer science and related fields to sustainability are significant, there are many ways in which they are deficient. Therefore, I will look to the future possibilities for academic and industrial developments and improvements in sustainable technology from the perspective of computer scientists and practitioners of related disciplines, and make recommendations as to the direction these fields should take in order to best serve the global thrust toward a sustainable human civilization.

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