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Sweeping advancements in digital technology have greatly influenced the evolution of every industry through streamlining processes, improving market reach, and disrupting traditional value chains. In the videogames industry which develops, manufactures, and markets interactive entertainment hardware and software, the exponential increases in computing power and affordability have consistently diversified their product offerings and customer base. The spread of internet accessibility and the increased prevalence of gamification for subjects outside of entertainment have provided unique opportunities for market growth. With the increasing ownership of personal computers and advanced mobile devices, the spread of social gaming, and the implementation of “freemium” business models, new revenue streams exclusive to this interactive entertainment medium have empowered the videogames industry to consistently reach more consumers while embracing digital distribution. This paper will not only cover the evolution of the videogames industry from its inception to modern day but also will discuss the challenges that drove this industry’s rise to becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the United States economy. Further this paper will examine the implications of these successes and present-day challenges the industry continues to face.

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