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What are the policy-relevant factors that condition WASH sector performance in Sub-Saharan Africa? Close examination of three case study countries, Equatorial Guinea, Malawi, and Mauritania, reveals interesting insights. Delivery of WASH services is shaped to a large extent by the overall quality and structure of a country’s government. More specifically, having an excessive profusion of policy-making and policy-implementing actors can hinder WASH sector performance. Furthermore, governments may face strong incentives to invest more heavily in providing WASH services to urban areas over rural areas, and to invest more heavily in the water sub-sector than in the sanitation sub-sector. Adequate financing of WASH investment appears to be a necessary but not sufficient condition for performance in both the water and sanitation subsectors. Additionally, monitoring and evaluation appears to be a crucial factor in formulating and implementing effective policies. In the rural water subsector, a country’s institutional setup and technology choice can have a major impact on water source maintenance and operability.

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