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Bachelor of Arts

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Adam Davis

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Kasper Kovitz

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Because of my distrust for self-expression through verbal language, my pursuit thus far in art has been to discover a satisfactory means of self-expression. In study of the work I’ve created across all mediums, through poetry, music and visual art, this desire for a satisfactory outlet of self-expression has resulted in a drive to create meaning through combining mediums. Throughout this semester, my interest in mixed mediums has resulted largely in experimentation with the combination of music and visual art, as well as exploring the standalone merit of each. This also entails a study of their overlaps, cooperative influence, and the effectiveness in establishing comprehensible and replicable patterns with which artists can make themselves understood. The installation Hyper Vigilant leverages the three-wall space provided, the graffiti-like, cartoonish imagery, and the soundscape (which combines chatter and music) to create an environment in which the feelings I experience in an episode of panic, or in a bout of anxiety are fully represented. This paper will discuss the use of a combination of sound, visual art and space in an installation, through an exploration of the art theory, and a discussion of precedents. It will ultimately culminate in an examination of the installation at hand.

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