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Spring 2011

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Math is a unique subject. It is a different type of thinking for many people. Even though topics in math are separate, math is seen as a whole unlike many other subjects. Science, literature, history, art, languages, and physical education, the subjects, in addition to math, that make up the typical high school curriculum, are hardly ever referred to without additional labeling. Many of the subjects even contain topics with nearly incomparable material. The idea of math as a whole, at least in high school, is not completely untrue. A lot of the topics rely on the knowledge of previous material. Also, quantitative thinking, which is the primary way of thinking in math, is believed to be a genetic predisposition, thus those people who are considered math people, possess that quality in any topic. While the subject material builds off earlier topics, the concepts at each level tend to be their own. And even though there is a more apparent range of inherent math ability, it does not need to have a bearing on mathematical success.

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