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Jonathan Petropoulos

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This study examines the two major conspiracy theories regarding Nazi assets being taken out of Germany and moved to neutral countries, specifically Argentina: Aktion Adlerflug and Aktion Feuerland. These two conspiracy theories believe that as defeat became inevitable, the Nazi leadership moved to ensure it had the plans and resources in place to safely evacuate. The conspiracy theories rely on networks established between the Nazi leadership, led by Hitler’s secretary Martin Bormann, German industrialists and expatriates, and German foreign and intelligence service agents operating in Argentina. They all colluded in the last two years of the war to construct, and provide for, a Nazi refuge in Patagonia where Hitler and other top Nazis would escape after the war. This study will critically examine the literature by the conspiracy theorists who propose these claims, and seek to determine the validity of their claims. Through the lens of these two conspiracy theories, this project will address questions of historical objectivity and historical method. Additionally, it will seek to understand the motivations of those that propose the conspiracy theories, and why the theories continue to be so prevalent.

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