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Professor Kathleen Brown

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Understanding how modern technology plays a role in our children’s early development is especially crucial in this era of technological advancement. Never in human history have we seen such an exponential shift in the human experience than we have with the rise of the internet and the subsequent mass integration of technology into our daily lives. Put simply, times have changed, and our understanding of early childhood development must follow suit. This thesis explores the impact digital technologies have on the neurodevelopment of children, with regard to different critical periods in early childhood development. The apparent impacts on attention, memory, and focus, as well as the behavioral manifestations that result from these childhood interactions depend greatly on the critical period of neurodevelopment they occur. This thesis provides evidence and recommendations for parents and caretakers alike, advising parents on the perils associated with overexposure to sensory stimuli in infants, while demanding a more tailored approach technology mediation in adolescents, as the advent of social media presents its own unique perils and potentials for early neurodevelopment.

Keywords: neurodevelopment, technology, infancy, adolescence

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