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This thesis explores two distinct topics: first, Indonesia’s current emissions and implementation of sustainability practices; second, the current state of coliving spaces and a proposal of a sustainable space in Indonesia,. The two topics are connected by the fact that the implementation of sustainability practices within Indonesia are necessary from more than just an environmental standpoint, but also from the economic and governmental perspectives.

We exemplify the necessity for sustainable transition within the country through three critical points: first, we show that Indonesia’s exceptional tourist growth is highly dependent on sustaining the natural wonders within the country; second, current coal emissions lead to severe health externalities that are incurred by the Indonesian government; third, we explore the complexity of indigenous rights throughout the many Islands, show how these rights are being compromised by the rise of national sustainability organizations, and suggest a solution that connects more closely with local populations in the fight for sustainability.

The discussion, then, shifts towards focusing on the broader coliving trend globally and offers a specific vision for how that ought to be actualized in Indonesia. We begin by outlining the shift away from homeownership to renting and nomadism among Millennials. This trend legitimizes our argument that coliving spaces offer a sustainable alternative to broader living choices and contemporary industrialization within Indonesia. Finally, we conclude with a discussion of the critical components of a sustainable building to underpin the feasibility of implementing such within Indonesia.