Graduation Year

Fall 2011

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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


International Relations

Reader 1

Edward Haley

Reader 2

Gregory Hess

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© 2011 Angelia R. Tyler


This thesis explores West African Muslims in New York as a case study of the immigrant experience in America through discussion of the main theories of assimilation and modes of incorporation into American society. As foreign-born, black Muslims, the Murids of Senegal rely on cohesive social networks to protect themselves from discrimination. This thesis argues that through a process of “segmented assimilation” and reliance on the ethnic enclave, which provides a critical network of support, immigrants like the Murids of Senegal can better manage the challenges they face in the host environment and achieve upward social and economic mobility in urban America while maintaining their cultural identity.


Due to a posting error, the original document posted in Fall 2011 was incomplete. The author has reposted the complete thesis as submitted to her reader, but with an updated introduction.