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Bachelor of Arts



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Ethan Van Arnam

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Karl Haushalter


Actinomycetes produce secondary metabolites for a variety of bioactivities such as metabolism, protection, motility, and more. These functions have become highly applicable to modern medicine as many of these secondary metabolites possess antibiotic, antitumor, and antifungal properties. Of particular interest for clinical applications are tirandamycin-like natural products. These tetramic acids have shown very strong anti-VRE activity and many analogues have been proven to treat various infectious diseases. Deriving them from aquatic sources has also become a growing practice, though marine sponges show to be the most promising provider. To discover novel tirandamycin-like natural products, we propose an experiment to extract and test a secondary metabolite from the actinobacteria of a marine sponge within Churince System of Northern Mexico’s Cuatro Cienegas Basin. The proposed experiment will identify the analogue on levels such as molecular structure, antibacterial properties, and potency of the bicycle ketal system. Future experiments will analyze this analogue in the clinical setting against various infectious diseases as a replacement or novel therapeutic.

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