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The world today is more integrated than ever before, with international trade and multinational corporations being a prominent part of global commerce. To lead successfully through such globalization, leaders must bring global mindsets and perspectives to their organizations to navigate critical differences in behaviors and worldviews by each unique country or culture. This study explores whether global, cross-cultural leaders make better decisions which ultimately lead to better outcomes for global corporations by exploring the relationship between cross-cultural leaders and successful organizations as measured by customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility, financial strength, and stock performance. This study collected data on 120 publicly traded companies headquartered in the United States. I hypothesized that there is a positive relationship between cross-cultural leaders and successful companies. The results indicate that cross-cultural leaders were correlated with higher ranked companies by outperforming non-cross-cultural leaders on all of the six metrics above. In addition, this thesis also discusses why cross-cultural leaders are needed more today than ever before from the lenses of global trade and migration, the traits required to be a successful cross-cultural leaders, and how companies can develop cross-cultural talent, all with a focus on their implications for organizations.