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As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in the audit profession, it is imperative for auditors, firms, and universities to understand its impact. There has been prior research done in studying how AI systems have been implemented into audit and accounting that has helped formulate the information in this paper. This paper serves to address the question of if artificial intelligence is worth the investment and what its overall impact on the audit profession will be. It will look at the potential effect AI has on the efficiency and quality of auditor’s work as well as auditor job opportunity. Auditors should become more informed on the usage of AI systems so they can learn how to operate these machines to know how to analyze the data processed through AI. Accounting firms should also develop a deeper understanding of AI because they are currently investing millions of dollars into AI research, development, and would have a favorable return on investment. Although there are some setbacks to AI usage in the audit field including loss job opportunity, there are significantly more pros to AI usage comprising of faster, more consistent, and more accurate audits, as well as improved relationships between client and auditor.

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