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Maritime transport containers (MTCs) in the archaeological record can provide meaningful information about ancient regional and interregional trade networks, as their provenance can give us insight into who was participating in trade with the site from which they were recovered (Knapp and Demesticha). The relocation of archaeological ceramics from their site of production to their site of recovery is related to a range of human activities and interactions, such as trade, conflict, and migration. (Quinn 2013). In this study, a suite of storage jars found in late 7th/early 6th century context were examined using petrography and the geochemical analyses X-ray fluorescence and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in order to characterize them for future use as references for provenance. A total of 9 petrofabrics were established, and geochemical data largely support these associations. Future work should aim to expand on these analyses by comparing these ceramic data against raw material sources throughout the Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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