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Minxin Pei


China has recently become a major foreign development aid donor. Before the twenty-first century, China’s aid was minimal and insignificant compared to the amount of aid traditional donors engaged in. However, in the mid-2000s, China significantly increased its distribution of foreign development aid. This paper examines China’s foreign development aid and the ways it differs from the aid of other major donors and multilateral organizations. The paper will also discuss how and why China’s foreign development aid drastically transformed during the mid-2000s – through the examination of data compiled by experts and case reviews of China’s recipient countries. China’s foreign development aid differs from traditional donors due to its difference in strategy and packaging of aid. China enters into aid partnerships with the goal of having an equal partnership with recipient countries. There is also a greater allocation of aid towards loans rather than grants, and aid is typically focused on the sector of infrastructure. China’s difference in aid strategy has drawn much criticism from the international community, especially from traditional donors, but many recipient counties have still welcomed China’s aid. There is still no consensus on whether China’s aid should be considered beneficial or troublesome, but it is clear to all witnessing the transformation, that China’s aid is changing the international sector of foreign development aid.

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