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Bachelor of Arts



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Professor William Ascher


This thesis observes and finds ways to mitigate the problems food deserts create for low-income communities. Food deserts are areas that do not have a supermarket within 5-to-10-mile radiuses. Food deserts create a problem of access for residents that live in them, especially impacting low-income people. People who do not have access to supermarkets will be spending additional income on food or transportation costs. Food deserts also affect people’s ability to have a nutritious diet. There exist a number of strategies to mitigate this problem from transportation strategies to community projects. All these initiatives, however, have their limitations and those need to be considered when deciding which strategy is best suited to reduce a food deserts impact on a community. Enticing a supermarket with tax credits or grants and increasing the purchasing power of low-income individuals are the best strategies to reduce the impact of food deserts on low-income communities.

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