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Economic inequality is a pending problem in the United States and is only worsening. The US government is working through programs and policies to reduce it, but the general public is getting involved as well. From the work of human service charities, people are reinvesting their money into their communities to create positive change. Human Service charities are designed to help those reach better economic outcomes for themselves through providing job training, shelter, youth development programs, etc.: all services that work to undo systematic barriers of economic progress that lower income households face. Thus, in this paper I analyze the relationship between public contributions to human service charities and economic inequality at the bottom half of the income distribution at the Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA) regional level. I find that the percentage change in contributions is correlated with an increase in the 10th percentile, a decrease in the 50th percentile and an overall decrease in the gap between the 50th and the 10th percentile, however there is no evidence of statistical significance.

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