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Despite extensive inquiry, relatively little is understood about the factors which shape entrepreneurs as young adults. This paper examines the impact of college extracurricular involvement on the entrepreneurial outcomes of alumni; it considers which extracurricular activities are most strongly associated with entrepreneurship. Additionally, it explores whether the number of extracurricular activities participated in by students impacts their proclivity for entrepreneurship. It observes 219 alumni of Claremont McKenna College and uses data from the institution’s public records as well as alumni’s LinkedIn profiles. This data contains information on entrepreneurship, indicated by job titles, and five extracurricular activities. Using a probit model that controls for academic major, I find that college extracurricular involvement is positively associated with the entrepreneurial outcomes of alumni. Club leadership has the strongest marginal impact on entrepreneurship, followed by research institute participation. Additionally, the results show that the number of extracurricular activities participated in by students is positively associated with their entrepreneurial outcomes. This paper concludes that further research should be conducted on a larger dataset that is more comprehensive and diverse.