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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Philosophy and Public Affairs

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Dustin Locke

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The first part of this thesis examines what religious morality is and where it originates from. It is determined that evolution is the most likely cause of religion and religious morality. I then argue that religious morality is not epistemically justified because 1) it is an evolutionary accident and 2) evolution does not sufficiently justify beliefs not tied to the physical world. The second part of this thesis looks at an account of parental rights and responsibilities regarding the parent-child relationship. This account argues that while parents have a right to express their values around their children, they also have a responsibility to maintain their child’s capacity for autonomy. Finally, I argue that while it is moral to teach a child religious morality, its lack of epistemic justification means that parents should take active steps to introduce their child to different worldviews.

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