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Professor Wei-Chin Hwang Ph.D.

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2021 Christina G Campbell


This thesis examines the hypersexualization of female athletes. Specifically, this thesis examines women’s oppression, objectification, sexualization and the consequential psychological impact on female athletes’ mental health. Objectification theory and social comparison theory are the two foundational concepts that can help us further understand the complexities of this debilitating problem. Gendered discrimination and bias are seen in the quantity and quality of coverage in women’s sports. This thesis sheds light on the most profound impact of female athlete’s hypersexualization by exploring specific sports where women are particularly vulnerable. In addition, this thesis utilizes a multi-level ecological framework to provide preventive and interventive recommendations to combat this debilitating problem, which has an impact that goes well beyond female athletes and has a detrimental societal effect on women’s mental health and well-being.

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